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Brief Overview of Huron County

Huron County is located in the “thumb” area of Michigan. It is surrounded on three sides by water – Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron. The county has a land area of 824 square miles which is 139 square miles greater than the
average for the other 82 counties in the state. Of the 28 townships in the county, only 15 are approximately 36 square miles. The irregular shore, 93 miles long, makes the other thirteen townships irregular in size, ranging from one square mile (Pointe Aux Barques Township) to 58 square miles (Sherman Township).

The population of the county showed a continuous increase from the first census period until 1920 when it reached 34, 758 people. In common with the majority of counties of the state, the population declined from 1910 to
1930. Since then, there has been a gradual increase in population to 36, 459 people in 1980; however, in 1990 a gradual decrease. Bad Axe,
the county seat and the largest city has a population of just over 3,400 people. Harbor Beach is the other city in the county. The villages are
Caseville, Elkton, Kinde, Owendale, Pigeon, Port Austin, Port Hope, Sebewaing, and Ubly.

Huron County ranks as one of the top agricultural counties in Michigan based on agricultural farm income. Major crops grown in the county are corn, navy beans, sugar beets, wheat, alfalfa, oats and barley. Major enterprises include dairy, livestock, and poultry production. Because of the natural beauty and ideal topography and sandy beaches, Huron County
has an ideal setting for the tourism industry.

The shoreline developed for tourism offers numerous opportunities for vacationers. There are currently two state parks – Sleeper State Park and Port Crescent State Park. Two roadside parks – Jenks Park and Brown Park. Also, Huron County maintains nine county parks along the shoreline, which are Caseville Park, Lighthouse Park, Stafford Park, McGraw Park, Philp Park, Port Austin Bird Creek Park, Wagener Park, Oak Beach Park and Sebewaing Park.

Although small industry and tourism has developed in the county, agriculture remains the chief source of income for most residents.

BY: Walter J. Rummel

Quick Facts

DISTRICT NO. 1: Sami Khoury

DISTRICT NO. 2: David G. Peruski

DISTRICT NO. 3: Todd Talaski

DISTRICT NO. 4: Steve Vaughan

DISTRICT NO. 5: John L. Bodis

DISTRICT NO. 6: Ron Wruble

DISTRICT NO. 7: John A. Nugent


Executive Secretary: Jodi M. Essenmacher
County Corporation Counsel: Stephen J. Allen
County Clerk: Lori Neal Wonsowicz


Circuit Judge: Hon M. Gerald M. Prill
District Judge: Hon David Herrington
Probate Judge: Hon David L. Clabuesch
Pros. Attorney: Timothy J. Rutkowski
Sheriff: Kelly Hanson
Clerk: Lori Neal Wonsowicz
Treasurer: Debra McCollumn
Register of Deeds: Sheri L. Stanton