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THE  HURON  COUNTY  PLANNING,  BUILDING  &  ZONING  DEPARTMENT,  Courthouse Building, Room 102, 250  E. Huron Avenue, Bad Axe, Michigan, administers construction-related  codes throughout Huron  County *.  Call 989-269-9269.


  * EXCEPTION:   In  Lake Townships,  building  permits  are  issued  by  Township officials.  Plumbing,  Electrical,  Mechanical  &  Soil  Erosion  Permits  are issued by the County and obtained  in  the County Building, Building & Zoning Office, Room 102, 250 E. Huron Avenue,, Bad Axe, Michigan 48413


The Michigan Building Code/2012, the National Electrical Code/2011, the Michigan Mechanical Code/2012, the Michigan Plumbing Code/2012, the Michigan Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings/2012, and the Michigan Residential Code/2009 are enforced throughout Huron County.  Permits are required before works begins on new  construction,  commercial  &  residential,  including foundations for manufactured  structures  (off-side construction).   Permits  are  also  required  for  alterations  &  remodeling  of  existing  buildings and  for  improvements  to  plumbing,  electrical,  and/or mechanical/heating/cooling equipment  in  existing  structures. Permits are required whenever there is new  rough  plumbing or replacement plumbing (water heaters),  new  electrical (or updates) wiring or services,  new  furnaces (replacement furnaces, new wood stoves, fireplaces, new ductwork), LP  tanks,  gas lines,  addition  of  central air-conditioning, etc.    Building permits are not required  for  one-story detached  accessory sheds having 200 sq.ft. or less floor area, however zoning approval is required.  In addition,  building permits are not required for fences 6 feet high or less but zoning approval is still required.  Construction  plans  are  required  for  new  construction  and  additions,  including  alterations  of  existing  commercial  structures.   Improvements  to  existing  commercial  buildings  which  result  in  a “change  in  use  groups”  (office to retail, residential to commercial, retail to office, residential to office, etc.)   require  compliance  with  all  applicable construction codes,  including  barrier-free  provisions.   


ZONING  APPROVAL  is  required  for  any  new  construction,  residential or  commercial [i.e., new homes  or  commercial  buildings,  additions,  garages  or  sheds (any size),  swimming  pools,  decks,  fences,  etc.).  Zoning  (site)  permits  for  the 16 townships  under  County  Zoning,  including  Bingham,  Bloomfield,  Brookfield, Dwight,  Fairhaven,  Gore,  Grant,  Hume,  Lincoln, McKinley,  Rubicon, Sebewaing, Sheridan,  Sherman,  Sigel and Winsor Townships,  are  obtained  at  the  Building  &  Zoning Department  in  the  County Building (Courthouse), 250 E.  Huron Avenue,  Bad Axe.   Zoning  (site)  permits  for  activities  in  cities, villages,  and  separately-zoned townships  are obtained  through  the  appropriate  city,  village,   or  township official(s).    Please  contact your township representative or call this  office  at  (989)  269-9269  for  a  listing  of  township officials responsible for issuing zoning permits.  Zoning approval is required before buildings permits can be issued for new construction.


SEPTIC  SYSTEM / WELL PERMITS  are required  for  new  and/or  replacement  homes,  including  mobile  homes, as well as for other uses (commercial, industrial, etc.) in  areas which are not  serviced  by  municipal  water  and/or  sewers.   These permits are secured  through  the  Huron  County  Health  Department, 1142  S.  Van Dyke,  Bad Axe  [(989) 269-9721] and  must  be obtained before a  building  permit can be issued.


SOIL  EROSION PERMITS  are  required  under  provisions  of  the  Michigan  Natural  Resources and Environmental  Protection  Act  451,  PA  1994,  Part  91.  A Soil Erosion Permit is necessary for most  activities [major  grading  work, foundations for new  construction,  major  septic  improvements,  new roads,  new or replacement seawalls,  dredging,  etc.] when the disturbed area is 500 feet or closer to a body water (stream, river, lake or county drain)  OR  ANYWHERE  when  one (1)  or  more  acres  of  land  is  disturbed.  Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Permits are required BEFORE  excavation begins and are  obtained  at  the  Building  &  Zoning  Office,  County Building,  Bad Axe,  Michigan.  Phone 989-269-9269.


INSPECTIONS:  Permit  holders must call  for a preliminary  inspection  before  pouring  concrete (footings) as  well  as  for foundation wall, framing, and/or rough (electrical, plumbing, heating)  inspections,  as  required  by  code,  before  covering  or  backfilling  any  work;  and,  a  FINAL INSPECTION /CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY shall be requested  before  occupying  or  using  a  new  or  remodeled  building.   Permits  are generally  good for  one  (1)  year,  but  may  be extended on a payment-per-inspection basis after one year.  Where  no  work  has  occurred  and/or  no  inspections  have  been  requested  for  a  period  one  (1)  year  or longer,  a  permit will be expired and/or be deemed invalid.    Failure  to  secure  a   required  permit  is  a  violation  of the Michigan  Construction  Code  regulations;  appropriate  legal  action  will  be taken  against  anyone  attempting  to  circumvent  state  or  county  construction  code  rules.    


LICENSE REQUIREMENTS:  Residential  contractors  performing  work  which  exceeds  $600  in  material AND labor  value  are required  to  be  licensed in  their  trade  by  the  State  of  Michigan.   Homeowners  should  request  evidence  of such  a  license  prior  to  contracting  for  improvements  on  their  property.   For  commercial  construction,  including  multiple  family  and  attached  single  family dwellings, or single family homes exceeding 3500 sf., plans  prepared  by  a  licensed  architect  or  engineer  are  required.      

QUESTIONS  concerning  Michigan Construction Codes and/or  requirements for  securing  permits  and  scheduling  inspections  under  these  codes  should be directed  to  the  Huron  County Building  &  Zoning  Office,  address  noted above,  at  (989) 269-9269  during  regular  office  hours (8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  &  1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)  Monday  through  Friday.

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